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Rumours Pentax won’t give up DSLR’s and will release the Pentax KF

Pentax won’t give up DSLR’s and will release the Pentax KF

We have already said a few times that the SLR camera is now over, but Pentax shows with the KF that there is still life in it. It was Pentax in ...

How this website works

CameraDealsOnline.uk is a camera gear information website, where you can find anything from prices to reviews and blogs to top-lists. With us it’s easy to compare products and to find the best cameras, lenses or drones because we review them all. Our goal is to make it easy for you to find the perfect camera product. 

CameraDealsOnline exists thanks to our audience! We may earn a small commission when you click on one of the affiliate urls and buy something in a webshop. This doesn’t have any effect on the prices we show. Thank you!

Tips for finding good camera gear prices

The process of finding a new camera can van quite difficult and we are here to make it easier for you. First off we’ll start with some basic advice to help you find your camera for a good price. Let’s start with shipping costs; we don’t show them on the website because camera webstores won’t charge you for shipping for products above £20 or £50. Another thing to keep in mind is that both camera stores and brand often put their products on sale with either discounts or cashbacks. With a cashback you’re able to get a part of the money back, after you bought the product.


A few extra tips:

  • Check out our top-lists
  • Always check for discounts or cashbacks on the vendor website
  • Be on the lookout for combi-deals; for example a camera, with lens and bag
  • Shipping is almost always free
  • You always have a cooling-off period for 14 or 30 days (Brittish consumer law)

How to compare and buy cameras

There are quite some factors that determine the best camera for you. First, you need to know which kind of camera you would like to have. There are different camera types, which have different kind of sensor. Here we will explain the most famous variants.

Most common camera types

  • Compact camera
  • Compact Bridge camera (superzoom)
  • Mirrorless camera
  • DSLR (Digital Single Reflex Camera
  • Actioncamera
  • Instant Polaroid Camera

Down on this page, we will go more into detail.

What do I have to keep in mind when I compare and buy a camera?

Lots of people think the number of megapixels is the most important factor of a camera, but actually that is not true. First, you should look at the type of sensor the camera has. The size of the sensor will tell you a lot about the quality and price. Make sure to keep the following elements in mind when choosing a new camera:

  • Camera type (Compact, mirrorless, DSLR)
  • Sensor size (1/2.3″, 1″, Micro FourThirds, APS-C, Full Frame, Medium format)
  • Is an electrical viewfinder (EVF) present?
  • Kind of LCD-screen; vari-angle, tilt or fixed?
  • Image stabilization; electric or physical?
  • Type if image processor
  • Film and photo functionalities; resolution of sensor and film, RAW, burst speed, colour profiles, ISO-range

About camera phones

How do I find the best camera phone?

The camera phone deserves its spot on our website, since they start to take over the place of traditional compact cameras. The cameras in smartphones nowadays quite outperform the old compact cameras. We see that the high-end models have bigger sensors and even optical zoom. But how do you find the best camera phones? Well, it is clear both Apple iPhones and Samsung are the biggest phone manufactures in the UK, but of course Sony, Huawei, Nokia, and many others do build great camera phones as well.

Especially, the marketing of phones will try to make you believe the 200 megapixels phones are the best. But again, it’s not about the megapixels, but about the sensor size. Next to the sensor size, the quality of the camera itself is a big factor. The more expensive the phone, the better cameras it boasts. Next to the quality of the processor, it is good to check if the zoom camera is digital or optical. Optical zooms are preferred, since digital zooms makes use of existing pixels and zooms on those pixels.

The reason camera phones are taking the place of compact cameras is because their AI-technology is so strong. This technology improves every photo by taking away noise and fill them in with pure blacks and colour of the original photo. Even though camera phones have smaller sensors than traditional cameras, their technology is so strong, that it will take better photos than your old compact camera.

Will camera phones take over traditional cameras at some point? No, full frame mirrorless cameras pack so much power and quality and there will be no phone getting to that level. Especially since mirrorless cameras continue to improve as well and borrow AI-tricks from the phone industry.


About digital photo cameras

What is a compact camera?

Are you looking for a camera to take quick and good photos with? In that case, you could check out a compact camera. The compact camera is a digital camera with fixed lens, that, usually, has an optical zoom function and works with automatic modes. The compact camera is a plug-and-play device, just like camera phones, and does everything automatically for you. The cheaper models won’t allow you to change too many setting, but the more advanced (and more expensive) models will let you change any setting. The compact camera is not just for beginners, advanced shooters will have their fun with it as well.

Normally, the sensors in a compact camera are quite small, and the high-end models will boast a 1-inch sensor up to a full frame sensor. Nowadays, camera manufactures makes less or even no new compact cameras, since camera phones are starting to take over. With that said, it might be a great time to buy a compact camera, since prices are dropping. With us you can find your camera deals online!


What is a mirrorless camera?

A mirrorless camera is an interchangeable lens digital camera. These cameras carry either a Micro FourThirds (MFT), APS-C or Full Frame sensor. It is possible to buy these models in each price range, and they’re both good for photography and film. The big difference between mirrorless and DSLRs is that they don’t have a mirror, like DSLR’s have.

Mirrorless cameras are digital, and you can use them for a wide variety of subjects. The cameras with vari ngle LCD-screen are popular vlogger cameras. The advanced models make it possible to film in resolutions from 4K to 8K! The Micro FourThirds and APS-C sensor have a respective 2x and 1.5/6 crop in comparison to full frame sensors. The full frame sensor (35mm) are most expensive; therefore, full frame cameras will cost more and are used by more advanced users. This doesn’t mean MFT and APS-C cameras are the lesser option. In some cases, they can achieve the same quality in both film and photography.

The difference between the sensors is the size. Bigger sensors, like full frame, have pixels that are bigger and can take in more (light) information. This results in better image quality and, most of the time, a bigger dynamic range. With full frame sensor, you get a bigger field of view in comparison to MFT and APS-C sensors. So, if you are a landscape or architecture photographer or filmmaker, full frame might suite you well. But, if you like to shoot sports, fast-moving objects like birds or love a shallow depth of field, MFT and APS-C sensor help a lot. With any sensor, you can achieve any kind of film and photography because it depends on the kind of lens you use as well.

Well-known brands for both compact and mirrorless cameras and DLSRs are Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Sony, OM-D Solution (Olympus) and Fujifilm. If you buy a camera of these brand, you will always have a quality camera.


Wat is een bridge camera?

A bridge camera is a combination between a compact camera and mirrorless camera. The officially named ‘compact bridge camera’ has a fixed super zoom lens and a body that looks like a mirrorless or even DSLR camera. These ‘super zoom’ cameras have a lens that can zoom optically up to 120 times. It are not the smallest cameras, but still great models to take on holiday. They make fine film and take excellent photos. And of course, they can zoom in perfectly on anything. With some models, it is even possible to fill your whole frame with the craters of the moon! This camera has the advantage that you can fine tune all settings, whereas with a compact camera, you normally shoot in ‘automatic’ mode.


What is a DSLR camera?

A DSLR is a Digital Single Reflex Camera with a mirror that reflexes the incoming light through the lens, via a pentaprism, to the optic viewfinder. The optic viewfinder has an advantage over electronic viewfinders because everything you see is in real-time, without delay or black-outs. With pain in our hearts we have to say that DSLRs becoming old and brands like Canon and Nikon already let the world know they won’t be developing new DSLRs any more. That is both good and bad news. Bad news for DSLR lovers, but it also means that the last models will drop in price. DSLRs are being taken over by mirrorless cameras, which are smaller, lighter and nowadays can do the same and more as DSLRs.

DSLRs are not just for advanced and professional users. There are models that will cost you less than £500, with lens. These beginner models, like the Canon 250D and 90D (older models) are easy to use, light and take great pictures. The newest DSLRs are professional models, used for mainly sports photography. DSLRs host both APS-C and Full Frame sensors. The APS-C sensors are smaller and cheaper, and the cameras are as well.

The difference in price has to do with the overall quality, quality of image processor, sensor, and functions. More expensive and advanced models will host 4K+ resolutions with higher frame rates. Weather resistance, wireless connections and RAW possibilities are elements that will make a DSLR more expensive as well. Most famous DSLR producers are Nikon and Canon.


What is an Instant or Polaroid Camera?

An Instant or Polaroid Camera lets you take photo you can immediately print on special photo paper. With some models, you’ll have to wait a few minutes before the picture is visible, but most modern models will give you a finished photo instantly. The newest technique is to use ZINK (Zero Ink) paper, where the colours are already part of the paper. The official name for this camera kind is ‘Instant Camera’ and the brand Polaroid built an instant camera as well. But, because Polaroid is so famous, people often call these type of cameras Polaroid Camera.

Using an instant or Polaroid camera lets you keep and share memories with your friends or family at parties and events. It is a great tool as well to get creative with. The more advanced models let you change some light settings or place some filters in front of the lens. It is also a great tool to get started in photography.This is because the photo paper is expensive. Meaning, you really have to think hard before you take a photo.


What is an action camera?

An action camera is a very small, but very powerful camera that is waterproof and take high-quality video. The action camera is made for capturing film in places where it is most difficult, like (extreme) sports like cycling, climbing, surfing or paragliding. The camera is attached to either a helmet, body vest or directly to a snowboard or skateboard. Nowadays, the action camera transformed to a video camera that records high-end audio is well. Meaning, you can use it as a sturdy vlogging camera well. The in-body image stabilisation is superb, whilst video is captured in resolutions up to 6K. The newest models have fun modes build in as well. Now it easy to create star lapses, light paintings or even 360-degree videos.


How do I choose the right camera?

Which digital camera to buy depends on what you want to do with it and in what way. First, think about what you want to take photos or film of and in what way. After, you should compare all kinds of camera models based on functionalities, reviews, and prices. Of course, we help you with that!

How do I choose the right camera?

You select the correct camera by knowing what you would like to capture, determining your maximum budget, and by thinking about what you want with the camera. Do you want a small camera which you can take everywhere with you (compact camera), or a large and sturdy camera that fits perfectly in the hand and has a grip (mirrorless or DSLR camera)? A mirrorless camera is also a great choice if you are a novice to semi-professional filmmaker.

If you would like to have the functionalities of a compact camera and also be able to zoom in far, then Bridge camera could be the right option for you. These cameras are slightly cheaper than mirrorless cameras, but they do have many settings you could change manually.

Holiday pictures

In order to take versatile photos on holiday, you will need a compact camera that can zoom in 4.5x to 12x (or more). Compact or Bridge cameras are packed with special pre-installed creative features. Everything is done for you, and you almost always get a perfect shot. Any compact camera is suitable for taking photos that you can print later for photo albums, or canvases. If your photography requires extreme zoom, you should check out bridge cameras. With either compact or birdge cameras, it is important to check if these cameras have Wi-Fi / bluetooth and a tilt or vari-angle LCD screen.

Portrait photography

Portrait photography is more than just taking a picture of someone’s face because there are many important elements that influence the quality of your photo. The composition, location and environment, crop and light are some of these elements. And of course, we shouldn’t forget the person you photograph and in what way. To take a good portrait picture, you could work with both crop-sensor and full-frame cameras. You will find these kinds of sensors on both mirrorless and DSLR cameras. Because you want to see many details, it is essential that the camera can shoot in RAW, in addition to JPEG photos. These photos record as much information as possible, giving you a large dynamic range, sharp details and a lot of room to edit colours.

Full frame vs crop sensor (APS-C / MFT) for portrait photography

There is a difference in shooting portraits with a crop-sensor (APS-C/MFT) or Full Frame camera. A full frame camera gives you a wider field of view, while a crop sensor will be more zoomed in. When using an APS-C or Micro FourThirds sensor, you will notice you will have a shallower depth of field. Meaning, more blur and bokeh. Why is that important? Because it might change your choice of glass you buy. Usually, lenses for full frame cameras are more costly than for crop sensor cameras.

Shooting fast-moving subjects with fast shutter speed

If you’d like to photograph moving animals, athletes or cars, you need a camera with fast shutter speed capabilities. A fast shutter speed means that your mirrorless camera or DLSR only opens its shutter for a fraction of a second. A 8000th of a second, for example. However, if the shutter is open very briefly, that bit of light must be strong enough to expose the photo. To ensure the light is strong enough, you need to use a fast lens (with large aperture) like f/1.8. Another way to catch lots of light is to use a sensitive sensor. A bigger sensor catches more light, and a good image processor helps to crank up the ISO without seeing too much or any noise in your photo.

Landscape & Architecture Photography

If you want to capture large objects or wide views, it is best to use a full-frame mirrorless or DSLR camera with a wide lens. Think of a lens that has a focal length of between 8 and 20 mm at its widest. Tilt-shift lenses are popular as well for architectural photography. These lenses ensure that straight lines won’t distort, and you have the possibility to fix distortion before the photo is taken. Using normal (ultra) wide lenses when shooting buildings or architecture could result in distorted lines.

Filming vlogs

Vlog stands for Video blog, and it’s a popular way of brining across messages, news, journeys, and reviews. A weblog used to mean writing pieces about your own or someone else’s life and activities, but now we know blogging weblogs as ‘blogging’. If you feel it might be easier for you to recorder your message, instead of writing it down, then a vlogging camera could be good for you.

When vlogging, make sure you use a small camera that is not too heavy, has good autofocus and has a 180-degree tiltable (touch) screen. In addition, you can also check whether the camera has a microphone connection because nothing is more annoying than watching a (talking) video with bad sound. Another point of attention is the ‘hot shoe’. This accessory shoe can be found on top of the camera. You can attach a flash, external lamp or microphone to this. You can use a compact camera for vlogging, but due to the limited setting options, we recommend a smaller mirrorless camera. This also makes it easier to choose the right (light) lens.

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