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How Camera Deals Online began

It is 2010 when I, Yoreh, set up my company Y-Register Video & Music Production, with which I am still active today. For the last 13 years I have been active in the world of cinematography, photography, and music production. For years, I have been travelling around the world and have used, rented, bought, tried and broken many cameras. In 2019, I set up CameraDeals.be based on the need to build a good price comparator that also provides correct information about cameras and accessories. Since April 2022, cameradeals.be transformed into cameradeals.nl. Since September 2022 the website is also available in the UK and US as cameradealsonline.com.


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To me, it is important that visitors not only compare prices and find good camera deals, but also that the website is filled with articles about photography, cinematography, camera news and tricks & tips. Cameradeals.nl, together with cameradealsonline.uk and kameradeals.de, is an international network of camera information websites (under construction).


Yoreh of Camera Deals Online at Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland. Photo by Niall McKeever

How the website works

For the visitor, the website is completely free to use. The way we make money is on a commission base. When I forward a visitor to a camera web store and that person buys something, I might receive a small percentage.

Does the price change for you after visiting my website? No, the price that the webshop offers remains the same and therefore does not increase because you come through this website. It is the webshop that pays a small percentage of their profits to me.

Emphasis on providing information

The internet is full of praising texts about cameras and sales pitches just to make sure you end up with the most expensive model. But usually, you don’t need that expensive model at all. Of course, I would get more money if you buy an expensive camera and that is nice, but it is of no use to me if you subsequently feel that you have been tricked. I’d rather see you on the website again.

It is much more valuable to me to provide good information and offer tools to you. I am working on producing tools that make it even easier for you to find the perfect photo camera, video camera, drone, or lens. All texts and ideas on Camera Deals Online are original and written according to my insight.

The mission

The mission of Camera Deals Online is simple: to help the visitor find a camera, lens, or drone that suits them, provide them with complete information about the products and then send them to the web store with the best price. Articles and blogs serve as main information. Camera Deals Online aims to be an authority in the field of camera, lenses and accessories, information and price comparison.


Yoreh taking photos and shooting film in China, 2016.


Purchasing a camera or lens costs quite a bit of money, and of course, you want to make sure that you do not pay too much and that you actually receive the camera when you have bought it online. The camera web stores that I discuss and include in price comparisons on this website all have a UK certificate for safe shopping. This way, you’ll be sure that you always end up at a reliable web store.

If you miss something on the website, if you have any comments or if you just want to ask something, please send an e-mail to info[at]cameradealsonline.uk


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