DJI Inspire 3 announced: 8K 3D dolly for Pros

The DJI Inspire 3 drone has been announced and comes with the technological upgrades we were hoping for. Where the Inspire 2 was aimed at the prosumer market, the Inspire 3 is entirely for the professional cinema market.

The DJI Inspire 3 comes six years after the DJI Inspire 2, but it was worth the wait. At least, if we are to believe the specifications. The new professional drone uses the Zenmuse X9 cinema camera with full frame sensor. A 1080P FPV camera with night vision is placed on the front for better visibility, and the Inspire 3 can program RTK points to create a 3D Dolly effect.

Especially for professionals

The DJI Inspire 2 was already aimed at professionals, but could also be used by the prosumer. With the Inspire 3, the drone has got rid of the consumer segment and has gained more professional tools. The main camera can rotate up to 80 degrees and the landing gear extends during landing, making it easier to reach the camera.


Zenmuse X9 8K Air camera

The all-new full-frame Zenmuse X9 8K Air camera is DJI’s lightest full-frame camera ever. It is possible to film in 8K 25fps Cinema DNG or 8K 75fps ProRes RAW. In 4K, frame rates of up to 120fps can be achieved. Thanks to the Dual Native ISO EI 800/4000 at 24fps and 320/1600 at 30fps, the Inspire 3 is also suitable for productions in low light. The sensor has a total of 14 stops of dynamic range.

FPV camera

The improved FPV camera with 3M pixels on the front has a view of Full HD 1080p 60fps and an angle of view of 161 degrees. Perhaps the most interesting is the night vision, which helps the pilot to perform a safe flight.


Hot swappable batteries

The Inspire 3 stays in the air for up to 28 minutes, and while that may not seem like much to consumer pilots, it is certainly impressive. It is possible to replace the double batteries without switching off the system. This makes it possible to perform a quick swap and be back in the air within seconds.

Safe flights

Thanks to 9 cameras around the drone, obstacles are recognized so that the drone can slow down or stop itself in time. It is even possible for the pilot to use the obstacle cameras to make his own requirements about when to stop and when not to stop flying.


Scheduled flights

In the world of cinema, nothing is left to chance and thanks to the extremely precise RTP positioning system, routes can be planned to the nearest centimeter. This allows shots to be executed in the same way at different times. Of course, satellite-based positioning is still available.

Pro workflow

The DJI Workflow remains the same and the DJI Collar System (DCCS) is supported and corresponds to the Ronin 4D. Files are transferred from the 1TB SSD to a computer at 900MBps via the USB-C port. Monitoring in 4K image is possible up to a distance of 5 kilometers.


Screen and transmission

The Inspire 3 comes with the DJI RC Plus controller, which has a 1,200-nit 7-inch screen. This controller also has hot-swapable batteries, so you never have to restart the system. Thanks to the O3 Pro transmission, a range of 12 (dual control) to 15KM is possible. The controller has an HDMI-out for monitoring the images and for placing a 3-channel follow-focus that controls focus and aperture. We wouldn’t be surprised to see the Inspire 3 in our list of the best drones.

Price and available DJI Inspire 3

The DJI Inspire 3 will be available from June and will retail for £13,419.00 without a lens. The drone is for sale with 18mm, 24mm, 35mm and 50mm prime lenses. Click on the tabs below to see the different versions. If the price of the Inspire 3 is a bit too much for you, you can also look at the DJI Mavic 3 Cine; a cinema drone for an attractive price.

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