Nikon seems to follow Canon in not licensing Third-Party lenses

Nikon will probably only licence Third-Party manufacturers if the lens compliments the Nikon Z lens line-up, not if it competes.

Apart from war, chip shortage and inflation, we see that cameras are becoming more and more expensive. Fortunately, you used to be able to buy a lens from Tamron or Sigma that fit your expensive Canon, Nikon or Sony. But unfortunately, Canon has banned other parties from making autofocus lenses that fit on their cameras. That means you’re stuck with the expensive (and good) lenses of the brand itself. So, you won’t see Canon EOS RF lenses from Sigma, Samyang or Tamron on the market.

Especially with entry-level models such as the Canon EOS R7 or Nikon Z50, you would expect to be able to put together a cheap package. Where you could spend about $500 before, that has now become at least $ 700 to $ 1000.

No licences for Nikon Z Lenses

After Canon, according to Nikon Rumors, Nikon also seems to be making sure that other parties are not allowed to make autofocus lenses for Nikon Z cameras that compete with their models. Only lenses that compliment their current line-up are allowed to appear on the market.

It is understandable that Nikon and Canon do not want competition. Because why would you give another brand the chance to make lenses that are a lot cheaper and guarantee high quality?

On the other hand, these brands mean that you have to spend large amounts of money as a photographer or filmmaker, even if it is a small hobby. In addition to the fact that the companies do not want competition, the question is what Canon and Nikon want with this approach. Most users are not pleased with it.

Ways to buy lenses from other parties anyway

Samyang, Tamron and Sigma are known for the good build and quality of their lenses. Since this is their main business, they obviously want to keep making lenses. One way to get around Nikon’s and Canon’s licensing and ownership requirements is to create lenses that are similar, yet different. Think of the Tamron 28-75 mm f/2.8 di III RXD for Sony E or Sigma 27-70 mm f/2.8 DG DN. These have different focal lengths to the original, complimenting the line-up, rather than competing.

Canon and Nikon should allow Third-Parties

Not allowing third parties for Nikon Z and Canon RF lenses is a stain on the reputation of the brands. They push themselves into a corner of greedy companies that are not really interested in helping the customer, but want to make a lot of money. As long as they don’t allow Samyang, Tamron and Sigma to make lenses for their cameras, there is a chance that buyers will switch to brands that do.


Yoreh Schipper

Yoreh Schipper

Yoreh Schipper started his film career in 2009, shooting a documentary in India. After that, he rolled into the documentary and commercially filmmaking. He got his bachelor degree in Communication & Multimedia Design in 2012 and hasn't left the film and photo industry since. Now, he strives to build an international Camera Deals Online network, with reviews, news, rumours, top-lists and blogs!

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