Soon you will be paying for Facebook and Instagram

Meta, the parent company of Instagram and Facebook, is going to introduce Meta Verified, where you pay a monthly fee to be verified.

Being verified on Instagram or Facebook is currently free if you have a certain number of followers or are a well-known character. The blue check mark next to your account name lets people know you’re the “real one”. But, that blue check mark will soon cost money. The idea behind it is that the account is more secure. Also, the posts of verified accounts will be shown more prominently on the timelines.

Benefits Meta Verified

When you lose the contents of your account to hackers, it is (almost) impossible to get it back. If you don’t use the platforms much, you might not care much, but there are many people who make their money through Instagram and Facebook. What if all your content is gone, that you worked on for months or years?

With Meta Verified, you get to speak to a real person if you lose content or if your account is compromised. You can’t just get the tick. You must show an official government issued ID, date of birth and a photo.

Exclusive content

In addition to being more visible earlier, which is useful for companies, you also get access to exclusive content. Think of stickers that you can use in posts and Stories.

Pricing for Meta Verified

The prices in the US are already known. You pay $11.99 monthly for the desktop version and $14.99 for the iOS or Android apps. That is certainly not cheap, and it is a pity that the devices are separate.

There are already more than 83,000 comments on the post and announcement of Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook. Is it really necessary for a company to want even more money, while they are already worth more than 375 billion euros?

Anyway, if you’d like, you can be verified soon too!

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