The Fujifilm Instax Square SQ40 instant camera gets sunset photo paper

The press release for the Fujifilm Instax Square SQ40 instant camera has been leaked and features a traditional retro look and Instax Square instant photo paper.

The worlds of the Instax Mini series and the Instax SQ1 come together. The Square SQ40 has the retro look of the small cameras and also the square photo prints of the larger SQ1.


The Instax Square SQ40 has a black retro design with gray accents, sure to evoke thoughts of the past. The sleekly designed camera is very similar to the Instax Mini 40, but is a bit larger. Now that Instax has found a middle ground between the two formats, we may have a new contender for the list of the best instant cameras right now!

Two photo modes

The Instax SQ40 gets two modes, the Close-up of which is intended for taking selfies. Fujifilm has reduced the minimum focus distance, so you can get close to the camera for a sharp photo. You use the standard mode for all other types of photos.


The camera automatically sets the exposure for you, so you can get started quickly. The lens retracts when the camera is off, which means it takes up less space.


It’s not clear if the Instax Square SQ40 will also get a timer, a feature that many instant Polaroid users are asking for. It is important for them to be able to take group photos that include them and use a timer.


As always, press releases are a bit vague and details are omitted. So, we have to wait for the full specification list.

Sunset Square photo paper

The new Sunset Square photo paper is a new type of paper that has a soft gradient built in. This gives an extra effect to the photos that are reminiscent of a sunset. You can choose from different types of Sunset, with the edges ending in a different color.

Instax Square SQ40 price and availability

The Fujifilm Instax Square SQ40 costs around £130 and will be available from the end of June. A pack of Sunset Square photo paper (2x 10 sheets) will cost £16.99.

Yoreh Schipper

Yoreh Schipper

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