The new iPad Pro 2022 is a video powerhouse with Davinci Revolve and M2 Chip

The new iPad Pro has the all-new M2 Chip, ProRes Video recording, a landscape camera and uses DaVinci Resolve. You have everything in your hands to both record and edit and publish professional videos.

We had to wait until 2022, but it will finally be possible to get started with a more well-known video editing program on the iPad Pro 2022 (4th generation). This new model has iPadOS 16, the M2 chip and four stereo speakers. On the back you’ll find a 12MP Wide lens, 10MP Ultra-Wide and 12MP TrueDepth camera. At the front you will find an Ultra-wide lens.

In comparison, the new iPad (2022) has a 12MP camera and the front and back. The front camera is on the long side of the screen so that the camera is better positioned during video calling. The A14 Bionic chip provides better performance, cameras, and editing.

Same sizes

The sizes are the same as previous editions, meaning you can get the iPad Pro in 11 or 12.9 inches and the iPad 2022 (10th generation) in 10.9 inches. Buying the normal iPad, you can choose from four happy colours.


You can pick one of these colours for the normal iPad 2022.

M2 chip

The M2 chip ensures that you can record ProRes video and according to Apple, thanks to the processor that is 3 times faster than before, it is now possible to have an entire studio in one device: recording, editing and publishing.

The M2 chip is especially useful for photographers and filmmakers because editing will be a lot faster. Photoshop runs smoother and can process multiple tasks faster. The new ‘Apple Pencil hover experience’ feature recognizes the Apple Pen up to 12mm above the screen. Hovering the pen above the screen will show a preview of what you will draw after, without actually drawing it.


Photoshop on the iPad Pro

DaVinci Revolve

Until the iPad Pro 2022, LumaFusion and iMovie were the only two software programs allowing the user to edit video. While iMovie is quite basic, LumaFusion lets you create professional montages. For a long time, there were rumours Apple would bring Final Cut Pro to the iPad, but that never happened. But, everything is different since the iPad Pro now comes with DaVinci Revolve: a beloved professional video editing program that has been available for the desktop for years.

Professional editing for a professional price

Davinci Revolve is only available on the iPad Pro and you get the M2 chip, high-end cameras and video editing program for quite a price. The smallest model, the 11-inch, starts at with 128GB of storage. The 12.9-inch model starts at with 128GB of storage. If you want the largest storage on the 12.9-inch model, you will pay a price of £2,049.00. With that same amount of money you can buy a light and fast laptop.

Who is the iPad Pro for?

The question is; why would you buy an iPad Pro? If you are a studio editor, then the iPad Pro 2022 may not be of much use to you. But if you are on the road a lot, it can be very useful. The more professional laptops are almost always bigger and bulkier. Besides, you might carry (heavy) professional cameras, that already take up all your space. Travel vloggers or filmmakers who always film on different locations can certainly benefit from the iPad Pro. It is easy to carry around and use on, for example, the train or plane.

The 8-cores of the M2 chip are 15 percent faster than the M1 chip and, enabled with the 10-core GPU chip, you can now easily scroll through 4K (or even 8K) footage without lagging.

LumaFusion is great for a simple edit, but Davinci Revolve lets you add VFX and professional colour correction. If you’re a travelling filmmaker, you probably don’t want a laptop larger than 13- or 15-inches. In that case, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro fits perfectly in that picture (and your bag).


Apple iPad Pro 2022 in 11″ and 12.9″


The 11 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro and 10th-generation iPad will all go on sale October 26.

Check out the iPad Pro 11″ and iPad Pro 12.9″ on Amazon UK.

Yoreh Schipper

Yoreh Schipper

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