On this page, you’ll find all the tests and reviews of camera products conducted by Camera Deals. We personally connect with all major manufacturers to test and review their products as soon as they become available.

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How does Camera Deals Online test cameras and lenses?

At Camera Deals Online, we personally test new products such as cameras and lenses. We either pick up the equipment or receive it from the manufacturer. Usually, we have two or three weeks to extensively test the equipment. We take the cameras and lenses on multiple photo and video trips, exposing the equipment to various controlled and uncontrolled conditions.


What does Camera Deals Online test in cameras?

  • The camera body; size, weight
  • Functionality; battery life, screens, connections, viewfinder
  • Photography: sharpness, (auto)focus, (creative) capabilities
  • Autofocus: a comprehensive autofocus test on various subjects
  • ISO: an ISO test with special colour and contrast charts
  • Video: recording at different resolutions and bitrates, with test footage editing
  • Menu: how the menu works and its accessibility
  • Specific features: cameras often have unique functions that we test

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What does Camera Deals Online test in lenses?

  • Overall image quality
  • Sharpness (at different apertures)
  • Autofocus precision and speed
  • Noise from internal motors
  • Image stabilization and modes (if available)
  • Distortions and chromatic aberration
  • Bokeh
  • Size, weight, and portability


Why is it important that we test cameras and lenses ourselves?

At Camera Deals, we personally test new products such as cameras and lenses. How can you be sure that we really test the cameras ourselves? Look at the photos of the equipment on location and in our hands. In addition, we follow our opinion about the device and don’t pay attention to other reviews. The internet is full of camera reviews, but these are not always based on opinions and usage. At Camera Deals Online, they are!


Who tests the cameras and lenses?

The owner of Camera Deals Online, Yoreh, conducts all the tests himself. Who is Yoreh? A photographer and filmmaker who has been active in the photography and film industry since 2009. He has had many cameras in his hands since 2009, allowing him to compare new equipment with old equipment.


Check out the ‘about Camera Deals Online‘ page to learn more about Camera Deals and contact us!


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