Canon yields: market seems to open for 3rd party RF lenses

Canon seems to be giving in to the pressure and allowing lenses from other companies for their RF crop-sensor bodies. Sigma would be the first company to launch two RF lenses.

Using lenses from 3rd party brands meant 15 years ago that you also compromised on quality. But nowadays, companies such as Sigma, Tamron and the Chinese Laowa make lenses that deliver razor-sharp images. Sony, Nikon, Panasonic, Fujifilm and OM-System all allow lenses made by these companies and Canon lags, but that seems to be changing.


Canon RF-s 15-45mm. One of Canon’s two crop-sensor lenses.

Buying 3rd party RF lenses would appeal to many photographers, as the RF lenses are priced steeply. If you own a Canon EOS R7 or EOS R10, it doesn’t seem logical to pay $2500 for a lens.

It is Canon Rumors that is putting out the message that Canon has caved in and that they are negotiating with Sigma. Sigma is currently said to be developing two crop-sensor lenses to fit the RF mount. They are still rumours from an unconfirmed source, so who knows, we might be wrong.

Canon offers little choice

It is known that Canon makes lenses of superior quality, but the range is disappointing. Currently, the Canon RF-s 18-150mm and RF-s 18-45mm are the only two crop-sensor lenses for the crop-sensor cameras EOS R100, EOS R50, EOS R7 and EOS R10.


The Canon RF-s 18-150mm. Lenses from Sigma for the RF-s system would certainly be welcome. The photographer has almost no choice at this point.

It is possible to place full-frame lenses on a crop-sensor camera, but the ratio between the costs of the body and lens then differs widely. Of course, it is always a good idea to put the kit lens in the closet and upgrade to a professional lens.

Which lenses can we expect from Sigma?

There is no confirmed information available on which two Sigma lenses will hit the market first. Canon Rumors is thinking of a Sigma RF 50 mm f/1.4 and Sigma RF 17-50 mm.

While lenses are often less popular than cameras, it’s big news for photographers looking for lens alternatives. We all agree that Canon has waited too long to release 3rd party lenses for the RF mount.

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