Sony A7R V will be released next week: same sensor, but with 8K

The Sony A7R V is rumoured to be released on October 26 with the same A7 R IV sensor, but with 8K video and designed.

These are still leaked data, but they seem legit. Last year we heard rumours about a 102MP sensor, but using the 61MP of the A7R IV, with new processor, seems more realistic.

Sony A7R V with 8K and crop

The Sony A7R V will most likely have the same 61 megapixels of the Sony A7R IV, but can film in 8K 30fps. The cropped 8K images can be created because of an entirely new imaging processor. In addition to 8K, it will be possible to record video in 4K 60fps and 24fps with full sensor read out.

Heat processing

The Sony A7s III makes use of a heatsink for heat processing and this system will be taken over by the A7R V. This ensures that you can play up to 30 minutes of 8K material, without overheating. The full frame mirrorless camera will also feature the S Cinetone image profiles you see on cinema oriented cameras like the Sony FX9.

New autofocus system

The A7R V gets a first by including an entirely new autofocus system. Although the exact details are not known, we do know that AI deep learning is one of the new features.


Sony A7R IV back screen

Pixel shift

In addition to a new autofocus system, the pixel-shift system will also be renewed. This option allows you to take photos with a huge megapixel count. This normally only works when the camera is on a tripod and the subject is not moving, but the new system would have motion correction. So, this will correct movements, but we don’t expect it to be possible to capture moving objects.


The design of the A7R V will be a combination between the Sony A7S III and A7 IV. Of course, space has to be made for the cooling system, the design will be different from that of the A7R IV. It will also be the A7R camera with a fully articulating screen.

We can also expect 8 stops of image stabilization. Which is a good improvement over the previous model, which has up to 5.5 stops of stabilization.


The Sony A7R V is an upgraded version of the A7R IV that currently costs you £3,500. The upgrades will come with a price, and the A7R V will most likely go over £3,500.

  • Sony A7R V specifications at a glance:
  • Same 61MP as A7R IV
  • Completely new image processor
  • New autofocus system from AI Deep Learning
  • 8K 24fps (cropped)
  • 4K 60fps / 4K 24fps with full use sensor
  • Cooling System from Sony A7S III
  • Color profiles as S Cinetone
  • Up to 8 stop internet image stabilization
  • New pixel shift system with motion correction
  • Vari-angle LCD screen
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Yoreh Schipper

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